Find Your Mr. Right, Meet Him, Talk To Him, And Marry Him For The Sake Of Allah, While Starting Your Marriage With The Right Foundation

Find Your Mr. Right is an online program designed specifically for smart, practicing single Muslimahs between the ages of 25 to 40. We teach you how to attract and communicate with a quality, practicing, marriage-ready man without lowering your personal or Islamic standards so you can get the proposal you've always wanted.

How The Program Will Work

My goal is to help you be as successful as possible in the process of getting married, and to help you ENJOY it at the same time, WITHOUT ever compromising your modesty.

This program has been set up to allow you to comfortably work through this process of getting married over the course of six months.

This is not a guarantee that you will get married in this time but rather a significant period of time that allows you to be proactive, to grow and learn new things about yourself, to take action, and to receive support along the way.

Here's how the program will work:

Step 1.
Watch The Trainings

Step 2.
Complete The Action Items

Step 2.
Get Feedback And Support

Step 4.
Find, Meet, Talk With, Marry Him

Whatt The Program Will Provide

Module #1

Getting Inside The Mind Of Mr. Right

Module #2

Clarifying What You Can Offer As A Wife 

Module #3

Attraction, Modesty, And Beauty Secrets

Module #4

Making Room In Your Heart For True Love

Module #5

From Future Wife To Future Mother

Module #6

Crafting Your Marriage Resume

Module #7

Attracting The Right Proposals

Module #8

From Proposal To Marriage

Weekly Action Items  To Get You Proactive On Finding Your Mr. Right 

8  Acceleration Sessions With Megan Wyatt

Bonus Webinars To Help You With Your Pre-Marital Development 

  • 8 Week Find Your Mr Right Program to help you find, meet, speak with, and marry your Mr. Right without compromising your deen.
  • 8 Acceleration Sessions With Hours Worth Of Marriage Resume / Online Matchmaking Profile Tear-downs, And Members Being Coached, Through Unique Scenarios
  • Weekly Guided Action Items And Assignments to Push You Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Help You Remove Obstacles On Your M.r Right Journey
  • Access to members’ only community and forums.
  • Your own accountability partner from the program to help you stay on track on actionable items and to motivate each other on the path of Finding Your Mr. Right.
  • Marriage Resume (biodata or CV) template with scripts to help you magnetic to your prospective Mr. Right and stand out from the crowd.
  • Bonus modules on topics like self-confidence, moving on when proposals don't work out, beauty/style guides, and much more.
  • Confident First Meeting cheatsheet to help you overcome the nerves before meeting a Mr. Right potential and focus on your best qualities.
  • Mr. Wrong Filter to help you quickly eliminate players, and men who are not serious or marriage-ready.
  • And much much more!

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Sisterhood  And Community To Help Support You On The Path To Finding Your Mr. Right

Shared Knowledge And Sisterhood

When you’re on the path of finding your Mr. Right there are a lot of "what ifs" that pop up and you need a lot of support. You don’t want a simple question or challenge you’re having to hold you back for days or even weeks.When you enroll you receive access to the private Find Your Mr. Right community forum is a place to ask questions, get feedback and share tips, ideas. You can also share and celebrate your wins with the other students.

Your Own Accountability Partner From The Program

We will pair you up with another Find Your Mr. Right student in the program to help you both stay accountable to each other in completing the weekly assignments and to keep your spirits up as you work along the material.

Guidance From Graduates Of The Program

We've hand selected graduates from the Find Your Mr. Right program to serve as mentors to you as you work through the program. Ask for their feedback and support!

Meet Megan Wyatt

“My name is Megan Wyatt, and my passion is working with individuals to deepen their sense of self and connection to who they want to be in their lives. Working with Muslims for the past ten years as a personal coach has shown me that many single Muslims are struggling to not only find a spouse, but drifting in a sea of confusion about what marriage is about. There is fear of marrying the wrong person, fear of divorce, fear of being controlled for women, or disrespected for men, and fear of not being good enough for marriage.

Everyone wants to get married because of what they want marriage to bring them in their lives, but few people are prepared to be in a place of giving for their future spouse. So between the fears and confusion of precisely why marriage is so important, we see single muslim men and women delaying marriage, not knowing how to choose, and being clueless about what is coming after marriage.

I want to provide the opportunity for singles to find their other half as their authentic selves, trusting in the process that Islam provides, and helping them not just meet “the one,” but also be mentally prepared for the new changes life will bring them once married. A romantic at heart, I value the importance singles in the West place on love, and pray that through our programs they begin to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of what true love for the sake of Allah looks like in action. “

Megan Wyatt, Creator of Find Your Mr. Right

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What Find Your Mr Right Members
Past And Present Are Saying

I now understand men and how they think

"I now understand men and how they think and I am better prepared in the way I communicate and the way I present myself through my clothing. In my heart also I feel content because I am doing all the possible things to get me married and am confident Allah knows when is the best time to meet someone for me so this is the time where I do the effort, the Islamic way, and leave the rest to Allah."


I already recommended this program and would definitely recommend it again to other sisters

"I have learned inside tricks about the art of actually being straight forward and in an appropriate manner when communicating with a brother. I have learned how to also listen better and take other people’s opinions. I also found when you do that especially with a man so he feels special. I already recommended this program and would definitely recommend it again to other sisters because I have learned that if we open our eyes that you can put things that you already know into practice. Things that are common sense but you haven’t been acting them. I would tell other sisters to look in themselves and see the positive qualities they have and use it to their advantage and to also take the right path."


I am now more comfortable being able to speak to others and getting their help in finding my Mr. Right

"Before this class I was very pessimistic and I felt like there was something wrong with everyone but myself. So this class has opened my eyes and has helped me to work on myself and get that male perspective. Taking this class has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and get the help of others onboard who want to help me and be proactive. I’m seeing the fruits of my work and feel I’m happier now, seeing people involved has totally changed my behavior and the way I think. Even though I’m not married yet, I am more comfortable being able to speak to others and getting their help in finding my Mr. Right. If you are doing the same thing and you’re not getting any result, I would definitely recommend taking this class. It can be an eye opener for a lot of things that could be hidden and you don’t even know."


I learned how to communicate aspects of me that indicate to a potential husband that I would make a fabulous wife.

"Taking this class has allowed me to think more about the womanly dimensions that I have and also actively think about what I can offer in a marriage and communicate that clearly. I have learned to emphasize those qualities like my desire to be committed to my family and children that really matter to a man. I think bottom line I learned how to communicate aspects of me that indicate to a potential husband that I would make a fabulous wife." 


This is exactly that direction girls want and need before their marriage.

MashaALLAH!!! Excellent sister, you have done a great job. This is exactly that direction girls want and need before their marriage. You know most girls used to say I didn't have good advisor and now I'm here facing all of this problems etc. I never write and think anything about myself in such detail, but I have done Alhumdhulillah!!! Thank you so much for advising us and sharing this programme which will help us InshaaAllah.


Now my parents are not frustrated with me anymore and understand what I am looking for and want to help me find that guy

Before the class I was very frustrated because like other sisters I had my family, and friends know that I’m getting older day by day and they’re all asking when are you getting married?! So I was like wheat am I doing wrong and why aren’t people thinking about me in a way and helping me get married? When my parents tried to help it was so hard for me to even to put into paper what exactly what I was looking for as well. Taking this class helped me so much in a way that I can put it in tangible terms this is exactly the guy that I want completely hundred percent and the characteristics that I want in my future husband. In the past I couldn’t do that at all. Now my parents are not so much frustrated with me anymore they’re like I understand what you were looking for and then we’ll help you find that kind of guy.’


If nothing has happened so far, trust things will definitely happen after this program

‘Before the Find Your Mr. Right seminar I was very stressed about marriage and I didn’t really want to think about it. I didn’t know what to do, everyone knew I wasn’t married yet, it was really tough emotionally’ I really appreciated learning how to be open with my parents and family about exactly the type of brother I am looking for, and the conversation went well! I was able to be a little more open-minded and hear what they had to say as well and let them feel that they were heard and respected. Following through with the action items from the program, a few sisters put me in touch with different suitors they lined up for me, which was a great experience because before nothing was happening. I would recommend Find Your Mr Right to other sisters because if nothing has happened so far, trust things will definitely happen even if it’s not a huge change or great change, you will see a change after this program. 


I have learned how to go about finding a husband 

‘I have learned how to go about finding a husband. I have learned how to best present myself using appropriate language to communicate my personality without intimidating anybody or scaring anybody away. I learned how to create a marriage resume which is something, I exalt. I didn’t know how to write one although I was expected of making one. Because of that I have learned how to involve my parents in the process because my parents like to be here with me. I would tell other sisters that you have nothing to lose and it’s a whole gain for you by attending this program. You’ll be learning these things and you need to learn to step out from your comfort zone and more importantly you’ll be taking responsibility for what is a very important decision in your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the Find Your Mr. Right Program cost?

Q: Is there a a guarantee for the program?

Q: Why do I need a program to find my Mr. Right while so many of my friends have found him without "over analyzing" this whole process?

Q: I don't have the time to even look for a spouse much less take a program to find him!

Q: Isn't it just cheaper to do things myself?

Q: Who is this program for and not for?

Q: Are you struggling with any fears about marriage that are preventing you from honestly taking the means to make it happen?

Q: Are you embarrassed to sign up for a program like this?

Q: Worried that this is some kind of online, shady match making program?

Q: I don't want to join a program where I have to stoop low and be deceptive in how I describe myself so I can just get married.

Spend The Next Two Years Married To Your Mr. Right, in sha Allah, Rather Than The Next Two Years Still Searching.