Find Your Mr. Right, Meet Him, Talk To Him, And Marry Him For The Sake Of Allah, While Starting Your Marriage With The Right Foundation

How The Program Will Work

Our goal in this life is to worship Allah; to earn His Pleasure, His Mercy, and return to the eternal comforts of Jannah. My goal is to help you be as successful as possible in the process of getting married, and to help you ENJOY it at the same time, WITHOUT ever compromising the Shari‘ah given to us by Allah, subhanahu wa ta‘ala.

This program has been set up to allow you to comfortably work through this process of getting married over the course of six months.

This is not a guarantee that you will get married in this time but rather a significant period of time that allows you to be proactive, to grow and learn new things about yourself, to take action, and to receive support along the way.

Here's how this program will work.

Step 1. Watch The Trainings

My role in this program insha’Allah is to teach you all of the best of what I’ve learned from finding a practicing Muslim, grabbing his interest, communicating him with full confidence at the time of your proposal and ultimately getting him to commit to you and marry you bi’ithnillah.

This training system by the Grace of Allah SWT has helped countless sisters find their Mr. Right and you have the system in your hands.There are a total of 8 core modules, and I'll be releasing one new module a week. The lessons in the modules all-in-all amount to about 18 hours of instruction.

Feel free to go at whatever pace you want as you watch these training

Step 2. Complete The Exercises And Take Action!

With each training I am going to be giving you a set of action oriented tasks for you to complete.

The success of this program, after the tawfeeq of Allah, is not in the information alone, but the actions you take.

These exercises are proactive steps that will help you expand your marriage network, help you get your parents on board, help you present yourself and put yourself on the marriage market in a way that is authentic, and modest, and much more.

With each new lesson you begin, you will see that the action items are incremental and are building on top of what you completed in the lessons before.

Step 3. Get Feedback And Support

When you’re on the path of finding your Mr. Right there are a lot of "what ifs" that pop up and you need a lot of support.

Throughout your journey you will have a lot of support and the opportunity to ask me and my team about anything that will pop up for you on the path of finding your Mr. Right.

Nothing in life is linear or works "the first time" which is why we'll be here to support you in tweaking, adjusting, and staying committed. As you will learn below you'll have our support through our monthly live Q&A sessions.

Step 4. Find, Meet, Talk With, And Marry Him

At some point, your striving and your Qadr will meet in sha Allah and that special day will happen when you will meet and marry the man whom Allah SWT has written will be your husband!

With each training I am going to be giving you a set of action oriented tasks for you to complete. When you go on to the next set of lessons you will see that the actions all build on top of each other.

What You'll Learn In The Program

Getting Inside The Mind Of Mr. Right

I want to take you inside the mind of Mr. Right, the mind of a man, on some key issues - that will, insha'Allah, allow you to be more clear about what a man generally wants in marriage. This will help you more clearly know what information about yourself to share in a conversation, what is useful, and what can be saved for later.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • What exactly does a practicing Muslim men from the West want in a wife — finally identify why it seems that many practicing brothers are interested in only stay at home wives, or a traditional marriage — but also being able to distinguish if he will just be a controlling jerk or if he will allow you to contribute to the Ummah with your talents
  • Discover an essential mindset that will allow you to enter into the marriage process fully aware of his views and not just yours — if you are missing this mindset your future marriage may go sour within a short time
  • Find out if you and him may be wanting the same things, but using different words to describe your ideal marriage. This has caused many sisters to say “no” to a brother who in reality was just what they were looking for…
  • And more…

Getting Laser-Clarity On What You Could Offer To Your Husband As A Wife In Clear And Tangible Terms

What I have found in my research is that there are a lot of single Muslim women out there who are not confident about becoming a wife. 

Confidence comes from knowing what you have to offer another person. What kind of love, support, happiness, and life you desire to build with your husband. And in this training we are going to get laser clarity on what you can offer as a wife insha'Allah.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Figure out what it is that maybe keeping potential brothers from even asking about you in the first place (so, you don’t have to be in the dark, without a clue, year after year)
  • Determine how you really view marriage and what you really think about it (not what you say to others), by completing a simple, yet powerful exercise Have the proper method of communicating about what you want in a husband and also what YOU can offer him (and never have to fumble over words when someone asks you those questions)
  • And more…

Secrets About Modesty, Beauty, And Attraction That Most Women Will Never Know

The goal of a Muslimah is not to have the attention of men, but rather to have true love and intimacy with one man, all for the sake of Allah, as marriage is a covenant you make with Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala. This will help you understand how to speak and carry yourself at the time of a proposal to show him just enough of your feminine side for him to stay interested insha’Allah (but not too much that he gets turned off either or you feel uncomfortable).

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Instead of just guessing , really find out what you maybe doing wrong when it comes to your beauty and how you create attraction, that’s actually harming you
  • Identify which simple body languages can make a HUGE difference between your Mr. Right knowing that you are an amazing confident sister or you are an awkward weird sister; between your Mr. Right taking things to the next level or breaking things off with you
  • Discover where your own beauty has a limit and may be actually HURTING you in the marriage process
  • And more…

Love, Feelings And Emotions: Your Best Friend And Your Worst Enemy

I want to spend some time attempting to define that which is nearly undefinable. For love has been written about, sung about, painted, drawn, and articulated by human beings for thousands of years. 

Much of what love is seems to be a mystery that the soul seeks to unravel as it travels through life. But surely, what love is not, or what your aim should not be when seeking it through the means of marriage, is of incredible importance to the decisions you will be making for your future.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Learn how myths surrounding love could be preventing you from getting married (and leading you to be more afraid of commitment when he does propose)
  • Discover how to differentiate between REAL love and being in love . (This can single-handedly allow you to be better prepared for not only how you approach the marriage process, but the greater success of your future marriage)
  • Find out what healthy love looks like and what un healthy love looks like — which will give you a compass in making the best decision throughout the marriage process
  • And more…

From Future-Wife To Future-Mother

Now, why are we going to focus on motherhood right now, when you aren't even married yet! The reason for this is because with marriage comes the potential responsibility of becoming a mother. A good Muslim brother is aware of his responsibility to provide for a future wife and children, and many men look forward as well to having kids of their own, especially if they are past the age of 25 or 26, it’s something they are more mentally prepared for in the near future.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to express to a potential suitor that you want to be a successful wife and mother despite your passion in the career you have earned either a Masters or a Ph.D. degree in (and before that, how not to threaten him with all your accomplishments!)
  • Step-by-step exercises where you will (maybe for the first time in your life!) set goals and a vision for the kind of mother you want to be so you can speak confidently when he asks what your future vision is
  • A window to understand his view regarding motherhood, and why he feels a traditional wife is the way to go to secure a good future for his family
  • And more…

Creating Your Marriage Resume

The point of a marriage resume isn’t to get someone to call you and say “let’s get married” right now. The point of this is to get your foot in the door. We’re going to attempt to put in all the ingredients we talked about so far in the program to make this something a brother will enjoy reading, and like what he reads if he is compatible with you in some way or another.

Have the basic foundation you need to create an excellent marriage resume, (biodata or CV) and if you already have one, you will know how to tweak it, make it concise yet descriptive, so it will be magnetic to your prospects.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Learn how to NOT give a false representation of yourself, especially if you are a fun person to be around, but you feel very shy and awkward at first (if THAT happens, that would mean: the person he sees for the first time is NOT who you really are, which will most likely turn him off and he may not pursue you any further)
  • Discover which elements are necessary to put into your marriage resume or online profile, and which elements you should NOT include.
  • Know which information about yourself to save for follow-up conversations because you don’t want the first impression to be either too little or too much — just like too little is not enough, too much can also be overwhelming for him and knowing how to balance that is extremely important)
  • And more…

Presenting Yourself On The Marriage Market And Communicating With Impact

If you have gotten all of the wrong proposals, then you will understand why in this week's module. You will learn how to in specific and tangible terms describe the kind of person you are looking for without sounding too picky and also avoid being too general.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Not just sort of know, but truly PINPOINT what you may be doing wrong, that’s actually causing you to get zero proposals or too many of the wrong proposals. (It maybe something that you are saying or implying by what you’re saying, without you even knowing about it!)
  • See a step-by-step guide on how to get ready and actually go through the process of finding your Mr. Right in a way that is actually much simpler than what most people think (this is one of those places where having the RIGHT knowledge can save you YEARS of headache and pain)
  • Find ways to be more pro-active and take specific actions, in spite of the obstacles and fears you may have, so you can meet brothers who would actually like you, even if you are 30 years old with a Ph.D. and even if you have internal talks that sometimes make you freeze and leave you helpless…
  • And more…

Find Him Without Looking Desperate

We are going to focus on a few more powerful exercises to move you ahead, bi'ithnillah, and to close this off with not just positive thinking, but a real commitment to your own goal, which is to enter into the phase of marriage.

Here's what you will learn:

  • Learn some of the biggest mistakes single women make before marriage (especially during this getting married process) and how you can easily avoid them…
  • Know how to coach your family and friends to help them represent YOU effectively and get the right message across when THEY speak to potential prospects on YOUR behalf; so that you, your family, and your friends can avoid the mistakes that force a potential brother to turn away before he gets to know the REAL you (regardless of whether or not you actually meet with that brother directly)
  • Implement this technique used by three sisters consistently (I coached them personally) that got them all married in less than 6 months…
  • And more…

And That's Not All Because
You Will Also Have These Benefits:

8 Weekly Acceleration Calls With Megan Wyatt

When you’re on the path of finding your Mr. Right there are a lot of "what ifs" that pop up and you need a lot of support. You don’t want a simple question or challenge you’re having to hold you back for days or even weeks.

As a member you get exclusive access to the 8 weekly Find Your Mr. Right Acceleration Calls​

These pre-recorded 2-hour group calls include real student questions as well as live marriage resume teardowns and one-on-one coaching from me. These calls provide a great opportunity to help you:

  • Get direct clarification about concepts, tactics, or strategies you learn inside the Find Your Mr. Right program
  • Get fast, detailed, targeted answers to specific challenges and obstacles you encounter on your path to getting married.
  • Get feedback or a second opinion on your marriage resume (bio data), or a particular meeting you are having with a marriage prospect.

Again the purpose of these sessions is to help you remove any obstacles, and tackle the get the most common questions that my students have asked me in the past.

Participate In Bonus Webinars

You’ll be invited to bonus webinars I or a member of my Find Your Mr. Right team will hold about a topic that is meant to enrich and strengthen you as a Muslimah.

We'll discuss things like self-confidence, how to move on and pick yourself up if a proposal doesn't work out, finding inspiration from the examples given by the Mothers of the Believers and much more.

My goal through these workshops is to empower with you training and resources that strengthen you and are of benefit to you even after you are married!

Let's Recap Again What You're Getting

  • The Find Your Mr. Right program with over 18 hours of course material taught by sr. Megan Wyatt that will teach you the reliable system to attract, and communicate with a quality man without lowering your personal or Islamic standards, so you get the proposal you’ve always wanted.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with sr. Megan Wyatt where she will help you and other sisters personally work through the course material and answer your biggest questions.
  • Step by step exercise where you will (maybe for the first time in your life!) set goals and a vision for the kind of mother you want to be so you can speak confidently when he asks you what your future vision is.
  • Have the basic foundation you need to create an excellent marriage resume, (biodata or CV) and if you already have one, you will know how to tweak it, make it concise yet descriptive, so it will be magnetic to your prospects
  • Learn a step-by-step guide on how to get ready and actually go through the process of finding your Mr. Right in a way that is actually much simpler than what most people think (this is one of those places where having the RIGHT knowledge can save you YEARS of headache and pain)
  • And So Much More...

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12 monthly payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a program to find my Mr. Right while so many of my friends have found him without "over analyzing" this whole process?

The answer to this is simple:

Your friends are already married, and you are NOT.

It doesn't mean this is the ONLY way to get there faster, but it for sure is going to leave you in a place where you are more resourceful, finding more options, and feeling more confident about the marriage process, in sha Allah.

Besides, the exercises and actions you take in this program are going to help you not ONLY in finding your Mr. Right, but it will be useful even after you are married! But what about time?

Q: I don't have the time to even look for a spouse much less take a program to find him!

Even if you are busy, you have to commit to your success. If you believe that you are ready to get married, you will MAKE the time for this.

If you make getting ready for marriage one of your priorities, then you will FIND time.

This system, in sha Allah, will actually SAVE you time in the long run, because I'm going to show not only the obstacles that could be in your way, but the common mistakes that many sisters are making that lead them to get married in 3 or 4 years, instead of 1 or 2.

We've spaced this program out over six months to not allow you to feel rushed so you can complete these trainings on your own pace and schedule. 

Q: Isn't it just cheaper to do things myself?

You are right: it is cheaper to do things alone.

After all, your mother didn't pay for a service to help her get married, right?

I understand that this is a new concept, and that you feel getting married should just happen. But if that were true, there wouldn't be a marriage crisis across Western Muslim communities where imams and counselors, and conferences are holding events to help people get married.

The truth is, your investment isn't just to find a husband, but to be READY for marriage in the process.

For all the money invested in your education, it's only fair to put some in the direction of such an important role in your life!

Q: Who is this program for and not for?

Are you a Muslimah between the ages of 25-42?

"You are over-educated, over-qualified, and therefore, less desirable than a woman from overseas who seems to know her place.”

Heard that one before? 🙂

Know that this is a myth!

The myth, which you may have bought into, leaving you to feel depressed, full of despair, and low on confidence, has led both men and women to believe that the reason so many women aren’t getting married in the Muslim community is because they waited too long to get married.

It’s not that there aren’t situations like this that are true.

There are, but it’s not the whole story.

Not at all!

Are you really looking for a single male who hasn’t matured into manhood enough to grasp what qualities make a woman into a good wife?

You can’t get married by trying to play the part of the dumbed down female, who tries to hide her intellect, ability to articulate herself, and desires and goals of her own just because you’re desperate for a proposal.

Actually you could play that part, but, it won’t lead you to a satisfying marriage with a person you truly respect or look up to, or a husband who admires you for who you truly are. I

will show you can be proactive in the marriage process while still maintaining your haya taking Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) as your example.

If you haven't found your Mr. Right yet, or you keep meeting all the wrong guys, then this program will help you highlight what you might be doing wrong that is keeping the good men away.

Q: Are you struggling with any fears about marriage that are preventing you from honestly taking the means to make it happen?

If you are afraid of marriage, afraid of men, afraid of any part of the marriage process, then I have news for you:

Your fear will lead you to the wrong man, I can't say for SURE, but if it wasn't haram to bet,I'd be willing to because I've heard too many stories confirming this fact.

I'll help you sift through your fears and overcome them, insha'Allah.

Q: Are you embarrassed to sign up for a program like this?

If that's the case, let me be blunt and ask you this.

What it more embarrassing: signing up for an Islamic program about marriage or not being prepared to speak to a Mr. Right, or sitting at home just watching years pass as you wait for him to show up?

There is nothing embarrassing about seeking knowledge and a "how-to" in this process.

Q: Worried that this is some kind of online, shady match making program?

Good news for you - this program has nothing to do with using an online matrimonial website.

This about finding Mr. Right in the real world, not a virtual one!

So, just to clarify a final time, I won't be entering your name into a database somewhere.

What I will do is show YOU how to find him in the real world, insha'Allah.

So, ready to do your part in Finding Mr. Right? I'm waiting for you!

Q: I don't want to join a program where I have to stoop low and be deceptive in how I describe myself so I can just get married.

I don't want that for you either. I do NOT want you to falsely market yourself, as I do not believe in deception.

My goal, rather, is so simply help you understand WHAT to highlight from the unique qualities Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has blessed you with.

The problem is in NOT knowing how to describe yourself in the best way which makes it harder for others searching on YOUR behalf to find the right kind of brother.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

To remove the worry that this course might not offer you anything of benefit, I want you to first try the Mr. Right Program for yourself for 30 days.

If after you go through the first four weeks material and listen to the Acceleration Q&A Sessions and you decide that it’s not for you I promise, you can request a full refund, and we will honor it.

Here's What Other Sisters Had To Say

‘I have learned how to go about finding a husband. I have learned how to best present myself using appropriate language to communicate my personality without intimidating anybody or scaring anybody away. I learned how to create a marriage resume which is something, I exalt. I didn’t know how to write one although I was expected of making one.

Because of that I have learned how to involve my parents in the process because my parents like to be here with me. I would tell other sisters that you have nothing to lose and it’s a whole gain for you by attending this program. You’ll be learning these things and you need to learn to step out from your comfort zone and more importantly you’ll be taking responsibility for what is a very important decision in your life.

‘Before the Find Your Mr. Right seminar I was very stressed about marriage and I didn’t really want to think about it. I didn’t know what to do, everyone knew I wasn’t married yet, it was really tough emotionally’ I really appreciated learning how to be open with my parents and family about exactly the type of brother I am looking for, and the conversation went well! I was able to be a little more open-minded and hear what they had to say as well and let them feel that they were heard and respected. Following through with the action items from the program, a few sisters put me in touch with different suitors they lined up for me, which was a great experience because before nothing was happening. I would recommend Find Your Mr Right to other sisters because if nothing has happened so far, trust things will happen even if it’s not a huge change or great change, you will see a change after this program. –

MashaALLAH!!! Excellent sister, you have done a great job. This is exactly that direction girls want before their marriage. You know most girls used to say I didn't have good advisor and now I'm here facing all of this problems etc. I never write and think anything about myself in such detail, but I have done Alhumdhulillah!!! Thank you so much for advising us and sharing this programme which will help us InshaaAllah.

‘I have learned inside tricks about the art of actually being straight forward and in an appropriate manner when communicating with a brother. I have learned how to also listen better and take other people’s opinions. I also found when you do that especially with a man so he feels special. I already recommended this program and would definitely recommend it again to other sisters because I have learned that if we open our eyes that you can put things that you already know into practice. Things that are common sense but you haven’t been acting them. I would tell other sisters to look in themselves and see the positive qualities they have and use it to their advantage and to also take the right path.’

‘Before this class I was very pessimistic adn I felt like there was something wrong with everyone but myself. So this class has opened my eyes and has helped me to work on myself and get that male perspective. Taking this class has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and get the help of others onboard who want to help me and be proactive. I’m seeing the fruits of my work and feel I’m happier now, seeing people involved has totally changed my behavior and the way I think. Even though I’m not married yet, I am more comfortable being able to speak to others and getting their help in finding my Mr. Right. If you are doing the same thing and you’re not getting any result, I would definitely recommend taking this class. It can be an eye opener for a lot of things that could be hidden and you don’t even know.

Before the class I was very frustrated because like other sisters I had my family, and friends know that I’m getting older day by day and they’re all asking when are you getting married?! So I was like wheat am I doing wrong and why aren’t people thinking about me in a way and helping me get married? When my parents tried to help it was so hard for me to even to put into paper what exactly what I was looking for as well. Taking this class helped me so much in a way that I can put it in tangible terms this is exactly the guy that I want completely hundred percent and the characteristics that I want in my future husband. In the past I couldn’t do that at all. Now my parents are not so much frustrated with me anymore they’re like I understand what you were looking for and then we’ll help you find that kind of guy.’

‘Taking this class has allowed me to think more about the womanly dimsensionsthat I have and also actively think about what I can offer in a marriage and communicate that clearly. I have learned to emphasize those qualties like my desire to be commited to my family and children that really matter to a man. I think bottom line I learned how to communicate aspects of me that indicate to a potential husband that I would make a fabulous wife.’ – Sister R., USA ‘I understand men and how they think and I am better prepared in the way I communicate and tehway I present myself through my clothing. In my heart also I feel content because I am doing all the possible things to get me married and am confident ALlah knows when is the best time to meet someone for me so this is the time where I do the effort, the Islamic way, and leave the rest to Allah.’

Spend The Next Two Years Married To Your Mr. Right, in sha Allah, Rather Than The Next Two Years Still Searching.