Work With Megan Through Group Coaching

Having someone to guide you through this road to marriage and to back you up 100% with the best advice and practical tools will PUSH you towards your goal faster than if you were to do this alone.

If you are looking for a little more intimate and personal support, we invite you to apply to Megan's exclusive 6-Month Find Your Mr. Right Group Coaching Program where you can work with her in a small-group setting twice a month.

What You Get In The Coaching Program

Two 1-to-1 Hotseat Coaching Sessions Each Month With Megan

Each month you are allotted two 20 minute sessions for an intensive, one-on-one coaching experience in what is called the Hot Seat. In the Hot Seat, a specific, personal challenge is dissected and you as a participant are pushed to break through.

Each call you have with me builds upon the incremental progress you’ve made in the previous sessions as you work through your journey of finding your Mr. Right.

Listen In Live To Other Members On The Hot Seat

Your peer group is made up of a small number of smart, strong, practicing and beautiful sisters who are committed first and foremost to being the best servants to Allah that they can be, and secondly are committed to finding and marrying their Mr. Right while being the best wife she can be for him. In the Implementation Mastery Coaching Club, you are getting one-of-a-kind peer group!

Being a part of this peer group you will realize very quickly that there are common struggles, common goals and common milestones on the path to finding your Mr. Right and getting prepared for marriage. This is an incredible opportunity to absorb how others’ experiences apply to your life and for you to be inspired to make great changes as others are in the group. The truth is you don’t learn by talking in life. You learn by listening.

You will be able to listen in the 1-1 group call every week even when you are not scheduled for a hot seat.

Access To Session Recordings In Private Members Area

You will have 24/7 access to your members area where you can review your sessions as many times as you want and you can share your achievements and learnings, engage in discussions, and get advice and feedback from other members.

Accountability Partner That You'll Be Paired With

You will be paired with an accountability partner from the program and the two of you can work on holding each other accountable to the assignments that you are individually working on with Megan.