About Find Your Mr. Right

This project was first dreamed up on a cold snowy day in Canada about five years ago by Fouzia Usman, the first founder of Practimate, who has a passion for helping not only getting singles married, but a desire to see them prepared for marriage so their future relationship is one that is happy and filled with barakah insha’Allah.

Originally from India, Fouzia resides with her husband and three children in California, dedicated to projects that revive the Muslim Ummah and creating resources and solutions for some of our challenges in the West. Practimate launched the first Marriage Revolution in 2008 with unique, hands on, training programs, coaching, and events led by Shaykh Yaser Birjas from the AlMaghrib Institute and Strategic Intervention Coach Megan Wyatt, also a co-founder for Practimate. Practimate is the only pre-marital training company designed for single practicing Muslims in the West who want to get married without compromising their Deen, and with the understanding of their Western upbringing.

Find Your Mr. Right is a sister project born out of Practimate with the goal of fulfilling and meeting the needs of, bright, strong, and practicing Muslimahs who are ready to share their life and start a family with their "Mr. Right". We help them find, meet, speak with, and marry their Mr. Right, while strengthening their foundation for a happy marriage and without compromising their deen.

Meet The Team

“My name is Fouzia Usman and I am married with 3 children. When I immigrated to the United States ten years ago, I was shocked by the high rate of divorce amongst Muslims, and particularly saddened by the effect this had on children who had to live between their parents. Back in India, when I was growing up, divorce was rare. It was painful for me to witness the disintegration of many Muslim families.

I realized that one of the main reason for the high divorce rate was that brothers and sisters were jumping into marriage without knowing enough about each other. They also had idealistic expectations of marriage and were ignorant about the responsibilities attached to getting married, as well as their respective roles as husbands and wives.

I also came across many good brothers and sisters who wanted to get married, but didn’t know where to find a partner they would be compatible with, as a result of which they remained single for many years.

I had a vision of creating a service which would fulfill all the marriage-related needs of Muslims living in the West, from training them for the realities of marriage to assisting them in finding suitable partners. I was glad to find that there were at least three other people who had a similar vision, and knowing that a collective effort would probably be more powerful than a singular one, I teamed up with them to give life to the vision we all shared and that's how Practimate was born.”

Fouzia Usman, Founder of Practimate

“My name is Megan Wyatt, and my passion is working with individuals to deepen their sense of self and connection to who they want to be in their lives. Working with Muslims for the past five years as a personal coach has shown me that many single Muslims are struggling to not only find a spouse, but drifting in a sea of confusion about what marriage is about. There is fear of marrying the wrong person, fear of divorce, fear of being controlled for women, or disrespected for men, and fear of not being good enough for marriage.

Everyone wants to get married because of what they want marriage to bring them in their lives, but few people are prepared to be in a place of giving for their future spouse. So between the fears and confusion of precisely why marriage is so important, we see single muslim men and women delaying marriage, not knowing how to choose, and being clueless about what is coming after marriage.

I want to provide the opportunity for singles to find their other half as their authentic selves, trusting in the process that Islam provides, and helping them not just meet “the one,” but also be mentally prepared for the new changes life will bring them once married. A romantic at heart, I value the importance singles in the West place on love, and pray that through our programs they begin to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of what true love for the sake of Allah looks like in action. “

Megan Wyatt, Creator of Find Your Mr. Right

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